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Electronic Acupuncture Pen

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Try out the Electronic Acupuncture Pen instead. It’s a painless acupuncture stimulation that activates tissues, firms sagging and aging skin, promotes blood circulation, detoxes the meridians, and helps reduce muscle pain.


- Needleless acupuncture. 

- Simply press the pen onto affected areas and it will release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief.

- Alternative treatment. It has no side effect as opposed to using painkillers and other medications to treat chronic pain. 

- Great for treating acute and chronic physical pain, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries, muscle pain, joint and back pain. 

- Easy to use. It only needs one AA battery (not included) to function.

- It has a digital display that shows the strength of the electrical pulse output (0 - weakest and 9 - strongest). Simply press the start button to increase or decrease the strength of the electric pulse.

- Two special functions. Dome type is superficial therapy applicable for health care and facial beautification, Spheroidal is partial therapy applicable for quickly alleviating pain.

- Portable pain reliever. 

- Learn about the traditional acupuncture energy/qi meridians and special parts of the body. This will enhance the effectiveness of your home use.



  • 2 kinds of massage head
  • 9 kinds of intensity
  • Fusion of modern biotechnology;
  • Without piercing the skin you can do acupuncture;
  • Simple operation, easy to carry;
  • Automatically search the acupuncture,it will not work if not along the meridian or if there is meridian obstruction;
  • Accurate physical therapy;
  • Three types of heads to choose for three main functions:
  • (1) Dome type: Superficial therapy, which is applicable for health care and facial beautification;
  • (2) Node type: Node therapy, which is applicable for partial body pains;
  • (3) Spheroidal type: Partial therapy, which is applicable for quickly alleviating pain. 
  • Affordable for whole family use
  • Voltage: DC1.5V (one AA battery, not included)
  • Output: 3.7V;300mA+/-50mA
  • Pulse Frequency: 0.01-300Hz
  • Pulse Width: 100us-320us
  • Maximum Output: 500ohm
  • Load Voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimensions: 200*30mm


  • 1 x Meridian Energy Pen
  • 1 x Spheroidal Type Head
  • 1 x Dome Type Head
  • 1 x Manual 
  • Bubble Wrap Packing

All payments are securely converted into CAD during checkout.

All payments are securely converted into CAD during checkout.