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Gravity Defying Lamp

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This simple but unique design will bring you a sense of balance...

Take a minimalist appearance and combine it with functional new technology to bring a completely unique and modern feel to your home or office.

Be Different

Show your friends and colleagues how unique you are with this eye-catching yet functional decorative lamp.

Grab Attention

This lamp is not like any other you (or your friends) have seen. It brings a sense of balance to the room with its gravity defying properties and it definitely gets a lot of attention!

Your friends will be intrigued and want to ask questions.

People don't see gravity-defying light switches every day! To be completely honest, they have probably never seen anything like it!

A Minimalist Design

We wanted a lamp that looks normal at first, but if you pay attention to it, you notice the truly unique engineering that went into it.

We know that sometimes in life it's the little things that count.

People forget about the little details and this is often where greatness can be found.

Put It Anywhere

Our Gravity Defying Lamp comes with a USB plug. Because of its extremely low power requirement this LED lamp can be powered by a laptop.

Set The Mood

As you probably know, the lighting in a room makes all the difference. It not only sets the mood but it can affect how you feel and how productive you are.

The soft lighting of our gravity defying lamp is perfect for reading, studying, or just to add a sense of balance to your life.

Product Features

  • 47 Integrated LED lights.
  • Low power consumption (requires only 5V).
  • Can be powered by a computer using USB (Included).
  • Made with high-quality wood.

This product is in high demand - Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


All payments are securely converted into CAD during checkout.

All payments are securely converted into CAD during checkout.